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Zhejiang Yuyao mustard in Chinese agricultural area public brand "top fourth"

Release date:2012-04-26 Hit:

Recently, 2014 China agricultural products regional public brand evaluation results announced, "Yuyao mustard to 64.97 million yuan of the brand value, among the agricultural product regional public brand value" top 100 "fourth place.
Yuyao mustard 2014 brand value rise again, 57.44 million yuan compared to the previous upgrade 7.53 billion yuan, ranking from the previous fifth rises to the four.
Mustard industry is the city one of the leading industries of agriculture, currently the city's Mustard cropping area of 10 acres, existing business households of more than 60000 households, with an annual output of tuber mustard head 40 million tons. As of the end of 2014, the city's hot pickled mustard tuber processing enterprises in 43, among them above the level of agricultural leading enterprises 24, pickle enterprises with total assets of $23 billion yuan, sales of over 14 billion yuan, accounted for the region to 52% municipal agricultural leading enterprises sales.
Yuyao mustard also received origin logo products, collective proof trademarks, Zhejiang Province regional brand, Zhejiang Province famous brand of agricultural products, Zhejiang famous brand, such as the honorary title.