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Yu Yaohuang's home town brand building very fruitful

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Zhejiang Xinhua channel February 4 (Xinhua) recently, huangjiabu town of Ningbo Yunfeng fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. "Yunfeng" trademark and Ningbo dream Ying food industry Co., Ltd. "forest" trademark both were identified as well-known trademarks in China. It is reported that so far, huangjiabu town have a well-known trademark in China five, including mustard industry have three well-known trademarks in China.

In recent years, huangjiabu actively guide enterprises to implement brand strategy, to further enhance the brand awareness of enterprises. The town issued a special incentive policies, to then get Chinese well-known trademark, famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City, well-known brand enterprises in the municipal government shall give awards to the foundation, and then were given 20000 yuan, 10000 yuan and 5000 yuan reward. In July 2007, Ningbo Ming Fung fishery Co., Ltd. "phoenix" trademark become huangjiabu first Chinese well-known trademark, and created a first in the country: China's fresh water products in the first Chinese well-known trademarks. Since then, as Yao North mustard mainly production and processing of huangjiabu, two mustard products trademark has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China, respectively is Ningbo Cheung brother Food Co., Ltd. "auspicious elder brother" trademark and the city was blessed food industry Co., Ltd. "preparation of blessed trademark.

So far, huangjiabu town enterprise has five well-known trademarks in China, four famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, more than 10 well-known trademarks in Ningbo City and Ningbo City brand-name products.

Source: Yuyao daily Author: Zhang Hui