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Zhejiang Yuyao mustard sunny overseas

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A piece of green oil of mustard, put some bamboo basket, sickle, benches and other tools, the past few days, Ningbo Yu Yaohuang Jia Bu Zhen Heng Tang Cun hot pickled mustard tuber planting farmers are losing no time busy collecting fresh mustard. "Before and after the festival in previous years to harvest fresh mustard, much earlier this year, began to harvest." The busy farmer said.
As Yuyao first obtain "geographical origin logo markers identified" "Yuyao mustard, planting area of more than 10 million acres, the market share of 60%, products are exported to the United States, Australia, France and so on more than 20 countries and regions, has become the local farmers benefit from the wide market share, the biggest and strongest brand competitiveness rate, degree of industrialization of the highest a industry. As the folk song, "finally squeezed turnips, built blocks of new buildings", has become the people of Yuyao mustard rich food.
Small product industry
A bird's eye view of Yuyao, from east to west, four towns along the coast of Hangzhou Bay, a small Cao E, Simen, Lin Shan, Huang Jia Bu, fertile soil rainfall. Here every Qingming Day, every day there are more than 1 00000 kilograms of mustard from here to send to all over the country, here is the town of Yuyao achievement mustard treasure. In the northwest of Yao everywhere to send a row of exhaust farm villa, local farmers said with a smile, these are squeezed carrot "barrier", it is understood that the four villages and towns, planting mustard income accounted for more than 70% of the gross income of farmers. "From the four towns of mustard, is always better than other areas of the tender hypertrophy." Chaoyang mustard base person in charge Zou Yuanqiao said, "on the border with huangjiabu Shangyu, Shaoxing County, apart but ten minutes, the kind of out of the mustard, taste is no huangjiabu good.
Yuyao mustard cultivation began in the 60s of last century, after 50 years of development, Yuyao has become the country's largest hot pickled mustard tuber production and processing base, with an annual output of nearly 10 million head fresh and vegetable team has more than 15 million people. Zou Yuanqiao to we calculate a sum of economic accounts: mustard income equal to three times that of cotton, rice five times, and local governments to implement the mustard protective price to buy is removed from the worries of farmers.
From the initial self, self cured, the sale of traditional processing mode to gradually transform the modern mode of production and processing; first in the family workshop type majority from, now gradually on the scale and grade; from the previous bucket bulk into farms to now small packaging and packaging in supermarkets and specialty stores, sales network throughout the country. "Quality Hing Food Engineering Guide mustard industry gradually embarked on the track of development of industrialization, bear fruit. The city a total of 47 home pickle enterprises emerged in Zhejiang provincial agricultural leading enterprises three, five Ningbo Municipal Agricultural Leading Enterprise 15, Yuyao City, leading agricultural enterprises, with annual sales of over billion yuan enterprises 4.
Weight quality Mou Changyuan
From the Mustard "fresh" processing into mustard product to be experience shape correction, first salted, pickled, third pickled, slicing, weighing packaging 10 multi-channel processes, on a per link are related to the food safety. For the quality and safety of the source of risk prevention, Yuyao, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau from the "source" grasping quality, to the enterprise to implement strict hygiene registration management system, hot pickled mustard tuber production base of implementation of "company + base" supervision, strict filing system implemented on the additives used in the production process, to help enterprises improve health quality management system, according to the good cultivation practices (GAP) control of the scale of planting, establish and improve the export vegetable pesticide residues retrospective and control system and achieve the "fountainhead control, process traceability, quality guaranteed. "Every year, we will give farmers training, and unified organization of sowing, pesticides, fertilizers procurement, use, to ensure that medication norms." Talking about the quality control of mustard, pickle factory director Wang Chaoyang said. The plant 1700 acres of base with efficient management passed the green pollution-free base for the record.
Also the Bureau, Yuyao also give full play to the advantage of information technology, for characteristics of agricultural products to go set up a "green channel", implementation of the ES system inspection, focus on a single trial ", the export of agricultural products origin traceability management, risk management of export agricultural products," monitoring inspection, "a new model, not only improve the inspection speed, reduce the cost of exports, and actively guide enterprise risk control, to enhance the" Yuyao hot pickled mustard tuber "in the international market competitiveness.
In addition, inspection and quarantine, agriculture, forestry and other departments actively establish cooperation mechanism, signed a memorandum of cooperation, establish regular communication, monitoring joint, joint training and inspection and other cooperation mechanisms, to provide professional training and technical services for the enterprises and the base. Yuyao City agricultural products processing base, Simen Town high quality vegetable processing base has been named the "national agricultural products processing demonstration base".
Strong brand win market
To win the market with the brand, is a major strategy of Yuyao mustard out of Yuyao to seize the domestic and foreign markets. To sing the "Yuyao hot pickled mustard tuber" this brand, local government, inspection and quarantine and other government departments, through the trademark registered publicity and guidance, create brand enterprises financial incentives and policy support, crew Yuyao mustard commercials, participating national and international agricultural products fair, held in Yuyao mustard Cultural Festival, go out of the country held in Yuyao mustard promotion and other ways, "Yuyao hot pickled mustard tuber" of the industry as a whole brand image gradually strikes root in the hearts of the people. "Geographical origin marking", "geographical indications certification mark", not only for "Yuyao mustard in both internal and external market for trademark protection, and the reputation of Yuyao mustard continuously to all parts of the country and even overseas.