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Delicious pickles with the Yuyao mustard light on Excavator

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Users drying out of the picture as mustard excavator
Users drying out of the picture as mustard excavator
Some netizens asked: plastic film will not affect the health?
Reporter Zhu Yun Yu Ying
Netizen "Yuyao squiggly" on the net in the sun for a group of pictures do mustard excavator:
"Last weekend with children visiting relatives Simen, a road feel particularly lively, the original is to make mustard season! This is the first time I know, the original Yuyao mustard and use the scale of this style, excavator......"
Most users think fresh and long experience ", people think is wrong," Mustard pit paved the plastic film, will not be toxic? "
Why use excavators?
Yuyao for generations, hot pickled mustard tuber Master Wang said that this season, there are indeed many Yuyao excavator busy hot pickled mustard tuber, from users to bask in the figure, this should is a point scale of the pickle enterprises.
With the excavator, said Yuyao and the old process of indigenous mustard-
Yuyao mustard, autumn spring collection, in the coastal plain of the soft soil, growth period over the winter experience wind and frost, out of the pickle round, particularly fresh, crisp taste.
To make delicious salted mustard, the first step is the key to this step, dehydration, need to dig a pit.
The temperature difference between the spring climate variability, mustard processing difficulty is big, a little case of bad weather warm, easy to yellow mustard taste.
The soil, can better control the temperature and humidity, lay the foundation for a pickle, good taste.
"Before their home hot pickled mustard tuber is a shovel to dig a pit, now a large scale, had called the excavator to dig a pit."
Is it healthy to make?
Yuyao a quite well-known of the pickle enterprises responsible person said, according to the requirements of the relevant departments, shop in the mud films is safe for consumption level, way to avoid contact with hot pickled mustard tuber and soil, keep it clean, and secondly in the curing process does not allow salt penetration into the soil conservation land. In order to local Protect environment, will be treated in a unified recovery of pickled mustard wastewater.
Farmers harvest hot pickled mustard tuber and leaf stay pressed beet, then to government departments to set up centralized processing site of primary dewatering salted.
Master Wang said that the first procedure of pickled mustard, per 100 kg of fresh vegetables with salt 3 kg, mustard underneath and around will wrapped in a thick layer of salt, and then stamped with film and air sealed, also "turn cylinder", re cured two or three times. "Then clean the skin, press, squeeze after mixing, mixing...... To have the food safety and ensure food safety.."
Yuyao City market supervision and Management Bureau relevant responsible person said, the food production license of the pickle enterprises, use plastic film must be food grade, the regulators of such plastic film strengthen sampling work. For homegrown farmers of rough machining of pickled mustard tuber, also can through the plastic film of the invoice control and sampling means, strengthen supervision, to ensure food safety