Ningbo Mengying Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd.
ADD:Huangjiabu town,Yuyao City ,Zhejiang Province, China.


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  • Yu Yaohuang's home town brand building very fruitful

    Zhejiang Xinhua channel February 4 (Xinhua) recently, huangjiabu town of Ningbo Yunfeng fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. "Yunfeng" trademark and Ningbo dream Ying food industry Co., Ltd. "forest" tra...
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  • Delicious pickles with the Yuyao mustard light on Excavator

    Netizen "Yuyao squiggly" on the net in the sun for a group of pictures do mustard excavator: "Last weekend with children visiting relatives Simen, a road feel particularly lively, the original is to m...
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