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ADD:Huangjiabu town,Yuyao City ,Zhejiang Province, China.


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  • Yu Yaohuang's home town brand building very fruitful

    Zhejiang Xinhua channel February 4 (Xinhua) recently, huangjiabu town of Ningbo Yunfeng fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. "Yunfeng" trademark and Ningbo dream Ying food industry Co., Ltd. "forest" tra...
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  • Zhejiang Yuyao mustard sunny overseas

    A piece of green oil of mustard, put some bamboo basket, sickle, benches and other tools, the past few days, Ningbo Yu Yaohuang Jia Bu Zhen Heng Tang Cun hot pickled mustard tuber planting farmers are...
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  • Delicious pickles with the Yuyao mustard light on Excavator

    Netizen "Yuyao squiggly" on the net in the sun for a group of pictures do mustard excavator: "Last weekend with children visiting relatives Simen, a road feel particularly lively, the original is to m...
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  • Zhejiang Yuyao mustard in Chinese agricultural area public brand "top ...

    Recently, 2014 China agricultural products regional public brand evaluation results announced, "Yuyao mustard to 64.97 million yuan of the brand value, among the agricultural product regional public b...
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